Learning & Achieving Together

Health and Social Care

The health and social care department strives for excellence from every learner by encouraging them to embrace experiences and opportunities and to apply their learning to examples within different settings of care. Each student is supported through attending engaging lessons and the use of up to date resources which challenge and motivate them. We believe that every student should be able to achieve the highest grade possible regardless of their ability so will secure the opportunity for all to succeed in all areas of the curriculum.

Key Stage 4

GCSE health and social care students study two units of work over the course of Year 10 and 11.

Unit 1: Human growth and development and the factors that influence this over an individual’s life span. Students consider different life events and the relationships that people form that influence what people learn, the experiences that they have and the skills that they develop.

Unit 2: Controlled assessment assignment. This requires students to learn about the needs of people across their life course and those who have specific needs. Students investigate the services that are available to meet the needs of these groups of people and the impact that these services have on their health and well-being when their needs are met.

Assessment and Examinations (Edexcel)

  • Unit 1: Written examination, 1 hour 15 minutes (40%)
  • Unit 2: Controlled assessment completed in school (60%)

Key Stage 5

Level 2: Students study eight different units over the course of one year which include: effective communication in health and social care; how we care for a diverse community and how to ensure that people live healthy lifestyles and consume nutritious diets. Students will be required to complete 60 hours of work experience in a health and social care setting to complete the course. This will be supported and arranged with the student and their carer to ensure the suitability of their chosen work place. They will achieve the equivalent of four GCSEs on successful completion of the course.

Level 3 single award: Students study six units over two years which include: communication in health and social care; health; safety and security; diversity in society; life stages and physiological disorders. Lessons are classroom or computer-room based and involve lots of participation, discussion, application and evaluation of ideas.

Level 3 double award: Students study all of the single units as well as child protection; sociological and psychological perspectives of health and social care; managing difficult behaviour and individual needs. Some topics are about sensitive issues that people experience in their lives and students are encouraged to share their feelings to support them in managing these issues, which may prepare them for future careers and life events.

Assessment and Examinations (Cambridge Technicals OCR)

Level 2 and level 3 health and social care courses are both assessed through coursework and task based assignments, which are completed in school and for homework. They are graded at pass, merit, distinction and distinction*.

Extra Curricular Opportunities

These include:

  • The Teens and Toddler’s programme (a charity run opportunity working with a young child at North Ealing Primary School), leading to the achievement of a Level 1 qualification in interpersonal communication.
  • Basic first aid skills as part of the health and safety involved in health and social care service provision at all levels.
  • Communication skills such as Makaton.
  • Visits to different health and social care settings are arranged at times throughout the year for students to engage with people who have different needs.