Learning & Achieving Together


Our vision is to provide students with exciting, relevant and challenging mathematics, delivered by dedicated staff. Students will understand the underlying principles of the mathematics they learn, making links and developing reasoning skills and logical thinking. We challenge all students to become confident, independent mathematicians who can identify correct and incorrect work for themselves in order to maximise their potential. To achieve this, staff will plan interesting and effective lessons, promoting mathematics across the school.

Key Stage 3

The department has introduced a two year key stage 3 course to enable more time to be spent on the GCSE course. This has enabled us to review and rewrite our course for Years 7 and 8, as well as incorporating changes in the National Curriculum at key stages 3 and 4. Students meet topics from the core areas of number, algebra, ratio, proportion and rates of change, geometry and measures, probability and statistic. There is also a focus on applying their knowledge to practical situations through Functional Mathematics.

Years 7 and 8

  • Number
  • Algebra
  • Ratio, proportion and rates of change
  • Geometry and measures
  • Probability and statistics

Key Stage 4

GCSE Mathematics Level 2 qualification (GCSE equivalent) in Further Mathematics (Set 1 only)

The GCSE course is taught over the course of three years where all students in Years 9 to Year 11 cover the following key areas:

  • Number
  • Algebra
  • Ratio, proportion and rates of change
  • Geometry and measures
  • Probability and statistics

Through the mathematical content students will be taught to develop fluency, reason mathematically and solve problems.

Assessment and Examinations

Mathematics: one non-calculator and two calculator examinations at the end of Year 11.

Further Mathematics (Set 1 only): Students will sit two examination papers; non-calculator and calculator, at the end of Year 11.

Key Stage 5

For details of our Key Stage 5 curriculum, please see our Sixth Form prospectus.

Click here to download 6th Form Prospectus.

Extra Curricular Opportunities

Our key stage 3 mathematics students enjoy taking part in a number of initiatives at Brentside High School. These include:

  • The UK Mathematics Trusts, Junior and Team Mathematicals Challenges
  • Master classes at Dormer Wells High School for our gifted and talented students
  • Pupil Parent Partnership days, where parents are invited to work with their children in solving a variety of problems ranging from code breaking to game theory
  • After school ICT and maths club where students are required to work on their problem solving and logical thinking skills
  • UKMT Intermediate and Senior maths challenges (Key Stages 4 and 5)
  • Year 9 trips in preparation for the Applied Learning Day projects to the Transport for London museum and the Victoria and Albert museum

Revision classes run for students at all levels after school, Saturdays and during holidays.