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Examinations and Internal Assessments

Year 11 GCSE Examinations

Please find below a link to a letter regarding the forthcoming GCSE examinations, and a programme of revision sessions which students are strongly advised to attend.

Year 11 GCSE Examinations Letter

Year 11 GCSE Subject Revision Programme

External Examinations

Please follow the relevant link below to see the examinations timetable for April to June, 2019. Students also have individualised copies of their own examination timetables. This year we are required to share the information below with you. This comes directly from JCQ, the organisation which oversees all public examinations:

In the highly unlikely event that there is national disruption to a day of examinations in summer 2019, the awarding bodies will liaise with the qualification regulators and the DfE to agree the most appropriate option for managing the impact. As a last resort the affected examinations will be rescheduled. Although every effort would be taken to keep the impact to a minimum, it is possible that there could be more than one timetable date affected following the disruption, up to and including the contingency day on 26 June 2019.

Centres will be alerted if it was agreed to reschedule the examinations and the affected candidates will be expected to make themselves available in such circumstances.

Where candidates choose not to be available for the rescheduled examination(s) for reasons other than those traditionally covered by special consideration, they will not be eligible for enhanced grading arrangements.

Centres must therefore ensure candidates and parents are aware of this contingency arrangement so that they may take it into account when making their plans for the summer. However, the awarding bodies will not insist upon candidates being available throughout the entire timetable period as a matter of course. (JCQ Frequently Asked Questions document, December 2018)

Key Stage 4 GCSE, CNAT and BTEC

Key Stage 5 (Sixth Form) A and AS Level, BTEC and resit GCSE English and mathematics examinations.  

Coursework and controlled assessment marks and reviews:

Students and families are able to ask the school to review the marking of a piece of coursework. The guidance on the process and costs of this service is linked below:

Appeals Against Internal Assessment of Work

Remarks and Other Post-Results Services

Information about the services available to students after they have received their external examination results are explained in the two attachments below. Further advice and guidance is available to students from the examinations team on results days. One document gives information relevant to Year 11 only and the other gives information relevant to all external examinations.

EAR Information for Students at Brentside High School GCSE Only

EAR Information for Students at Brentside High School 

Internal Assessments

At Brentside High School we have annual internal assessments for all year groups, with Years 10 and 12 both having two sets of assessments in preparation for their final examination year at Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 respectively. These assessments are synoptic so that students develop their ability to recall and apply knowledge of topics covered throughout the year/course, rather than only the most recently taught material.

These assessments are designed to: assess students’ knowledge and understanding at each stage of the curriculum; identify misconceptions and receive teacher feedback to address them; develop students’ revision skills, specifically to recall and apply knowledge from the entire course; ensure students are familiar with the expectation surrounding examinations so this becomes routine; and celebrate outstanding progress as a community.

Revision Guidance

The timetable for each set of assessments will be published several weeks in advance to support students in planning their revision. Guidance on what to revise for each subject will be shared on SMHW and both assemblies and form time will be devoted to developing revision skills.

Assessment Calendar