Learning & Achieving Together


Frequently Asked Questions

1.How can I find out term dates?

All term dates are published on the school website and in half termly newsletters to parents.

2.What does my child need to wear for school?

All uniform requirements are printed in the student planner and are posted on the school website.  This includes what to wear as well as what not to wear to school!  Please read this carefully.

3.What equipment will my child need?

 All equipment requirements are printed in the student planner. 

4.How will I know how well my child is progressing at school?

All students receive at least three written reports each year depending on their year group outlining their current level in each subject as well as their attitude to learning.  Parents/carers are also invited to attend Target Setting Day, Target Review Day and a Parents’ Evening to review their child’s progress.

5.How will I know what homework to expect?

The easiest way to check what homework your child has been set is to log on to Show My Homework. This is available from the school website, click here, and a free app is also downloadable for your smart phone or tablet. Students will also have a copy of their homework timetable stuck in their planners and this is also posted on the website.

6.Who do I speak to if I have any concerns?

Your child’s tutor is your first port of call if you have any concerns.  They know your child best and can be contacted via a note in the student planner.  They can refer you to other staff where appropriate.

7.How do I book time off school?

Attending school is vital to ensure your child’s success.  We strongly advise that all medical appointments are made outside of school time wherever possible.

Holidays must be taken outside of term time and any requests for time off for extenuating circumstances must be made in writing  in advance to the headteacher for special consideration. 

8.What extra curricular activities do you have on offer?

Please see our extra curricular timetable on the school website.

9.How do I know my child will be stretched and challenged in the classroom?

We plan lessons with detailed knowledge of the prior attainment of our students and ensure that work is appropriately differentiated to meet all their needs.  We closely track the progress of all our students against their minimum target grades to ensure they are making outstanding progress.

10.What if my child needs help with their learning?

Our learning support department offers first class support in and outside the classroom for students with special educational needs.  We identify the needs of each individual and offer bespoke support based on those needs.  

11.What food is on offer in the canteen?

The canteen offers a three week healthy and diverse menu which can be viewed on our website.  Meals deals offer the best value for money and a balanced diet.

12.How do we pay for school lunches?

Our canteen runs a cashless system.  Students pay for their lunch with a thumb image which links to their ParentPay account.

13.How do I apply for free school meals?

Please see Ealing Council's website for information on how to apply for free school meals. Information is also available from our reception.

14.What should I do with my child’s planner?

Your child’s planner is a key three way communication tool between you, your child and the school.  Please check this each day to see what homework your child should be completing and sign this at the end of each week once homework has been completed.