Learning & Achieving Together


At Brentside High School we value home learning as an opportunity to ensure that the progress and achievement of students is systematically supported and encouraged beyond the classroom.

We value the support of parents and carers in the following areas in particular

  • Checking the quality of presentation and content of all the homework being returned to school
  • Encouraging children to produce all homework to the best of their ability
  • Signing the student planner each week

Providing the school with information about any points of note or concerns and communicating this through the student planner, in the first instance, or by contacting the school directly.

At Brentside we use an online system called Show My Homework for recording and tracking homework.

This allows you to access homework as a parent or student via our website or as a mobile phone application.

Access Show My Homework by clicking on the icon below.



Your log in details will be sent to you via your child.  If you require an additional copy of login details, please email your child's tutor or Year Leader.

Being logged in will make it easier for you to see the homework set for your child and if using the application on your phone you can have reminder notifications when homework is due.

You can still access Show My Homework without log in details through the school website. This shows all homework in the school and you can use the search tools to find the homework set.

For further information about Show My Homework for parents click here Show My Parents Presentation