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Key Stage 4 Options

 Key Stage 4 Options

All of the information on this page relates to students currently in Year 8 (in the 2019-2020 academic year) and who will begin their GCSE/BTEC Key Stage 4 courses in September 2020 when they start Year 9.

At the bottom of this page you will find a link to the Key Stage 4 Options booklet for Year 8. Students have their own printed copy of the booklet. 

Within the booklet you will find:

  • An explanation of the curriculum for all students;
  • Guidance on which parts of the curriculum are core (and studied by everyone) and which parts have an element of personalisation and/or choice;
  • Information about all of the subjects within the curriculum (core and those from which students select);
  • Examples of each of the two options forms which help to make clear where an element of choice is offered to students.

Please note that key dates section in the booklet is no longer accurate because of the school closure (more information below)

Each student has his/her own hard copy of the booklet and it is accessible below as a link.

Options During School Closure:

As you are aware, we were not able to hold the Year 8 Options Information Evening on Thursday, 19 March due to the Coronavirus.

To help students and parents/carers in light of the cancellation, we have created two additional documents linked below to still give you access to extra support and information. On cancelling the Options Evening, we asked parents and students to send in any questions they wanted to ask. These, plus others that have been asked in previous years, have been put into the Frequently Asked Questions document linked below.

We also know that during the Information Evening teachers often summarise, simplify information and give examples of the types of learning in lessons for their subjects at Key Stage 4. To help to replace this opportunity we have created a Straight Talking Teacher Guide (linked below) which gives accessible information about each of the options subjects (those from which students choose).

Deadline change:

To give students and parents/carers a little more time to consider their options, we have changed the deadline from Monday, 30 March to Monday, 6 April.

How to submit your choices:

You will be emailed (on your school email address) a Survey Monkey survey which will allow you to give your first and reserve (second) choices for each of the options choices that are set out on the example options forms at the back of the Options Booklet. This survey will be with you by Monday, 30 March and you have a week to complete it; you must have submitted it by the end of Monday, 6 April.

If you have problems understanding or completing the survey, you can instead fill in the draft form at the back of your Options Booklet, or Straight Talking Teacher Guide take a clear photo of the completed form (check that your name, tutor group, choices and the signatures at the bottom are clear) and email that in to Y8options@brentsidehigh.ealing.sch.uk. Alternatively, you can create your own electronic version of the form in some way. It needs to be clear what first choices and reserve (second) choices you are making for each of the four options sections.

Why we’re still asking for choices:

Once we have students’ choices, we then do a great deal of work, working out how many classes are needed for subjects and building the whole school timetable around the Year 8 students’ choices, to give as many of our Year 8 students their first choices as possible. Options can even influence which staff we appoint for next year, so we need as much time as possible.

Do please read the Frequently Asked Questions document and the Straight Talking Teacher Guide for more information. If you have questions about specific subjects after reading these, please email your question to the relevant Subject Leader (email addresses are at the end of the Options Booklet) and any questions about the process do email Ms Bhati or your form tutor in the first instance. They will forward your question on to the relevant staff member if needed.

Link to the Options Frequently Asked Questions document

Link to the Straight Talking Teacher Guide

Links to Year 8 Options Booklet