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Work Experience

Brentside High School challenges all to achieve excellence as lifelong learners with the highest expectations of themselves and others.  No exceptions, no excuses.

Spending as little as one day with an employer, doing simple tasks or merely work shadowing (watching an experienced employee at work) can be hugely beneficial for your future.  Work experience has many benefits including:

  • developing transferable skills, such as communication and teamworking
  • understanding how organisations work or bringing a job you have read about to life
  • building confidence in interacting with adults
  • confirming interest in a career or (equally useful) deciding if it is not for you
  • opening up opportunities- if you impress an employer you may be asked back on a more formal arrangement such as an internship or encouraged to apply when vacancies arise
  • providing valuable content for a UCAS personal statement to give evidence of an interest in a particular subject/occupation

For some sectors, such as media production, the most useful route in is through work experience before securing a job. 

At Brentside High School, we recognise that work experience is an invaluable part of your learning and preparation for transition to life after Sixth Form.  Whether you are considering a top university, apprenticeship or internship, work experience provides opportunities to engage with employers, develop your employability skills, broaden your knowledge and understanding of the world of work and open up opportunities for your future.

When will work experience take place?

Year 12 work experience will take place Monday, 14 June - Friday, 18 June 2020.

Who finds my work experience placement?

You will need to research your own placement.  You will be given support in your citizenship lessons.

How can I find a work experience placement?

Click on the guide here to support you with finding a work experience placement.

Work experience and Covid-19

Given the current context of Covid 19, it is probable that there will be fewer work experience placements and an increased competition for those on offer.  Many employers, however, are offering virtual work experience activities.  It is important that you remain resilient and don't give up the search for opportunities to work with employers.  Virtual placements will offer you the chance to engage with employers, ask questions and find out more about the world of work.  It is important to seek out  opportunities as they arise, remain resilient and not give up your search.  Those who persist in searching for placements are most likely to succeed. 

For further information on Virtual Work Experience, please click here.

Where can I get support?

There are lots of ways to get support with finding a placement:

  • Log on to Upskill Me for a list of up to date work experience opportunities.
  • Check the weekly student bulletin for work experience opportunities
  • Check the list of past work experience employers 
  • Research companies in sectors that link to subjects you are studying
  • Speak to Ms Colgan for specific queries or one to one support
  • Your citizenship teachers will be delivering lessons on how to find high quality work experience placements

Will my current part time job count as work experience?

Some of you may already have a part time job to earn money.  Work experience has a different focus and your placement should be with a different employer.  All Year 12 students are expected to complete work experience, regardless of whether you are currently in part time employment.