Learning & Achieving Together

Brentside's Big Debate

This term has seen the successful continuation of Brentside's Big Debate, founded by a Year 12 student, Yusra Ali. On an A level Religious Studies trip to Westminster, Yusra was inspired by the constructive dialogue she heard between a Muslim and an atheist. She resolved to bring that spirit of open engagement to Brentside, and we have since enjoyed weekly discussions on a range of stimulating topics, from gender equality to animal rights. This term, some younger students have bravely and eloquently articulated their views to sixth formers and teachers as well as their peers. So far, Year 8 student Ryan Woollard stands out as the only lower school student to have delivered an opening speech (and what a well researched and well delivered speech it was!). At our next meeting, Year 10 students Lara Amin and Masa Jamaludeen are set to continue this very encouraging trend.