Year 7 have made a great transition to secondary school and a really good start to 2023.

They have responded well to the challenge of moving into new form and teaching groups and are excited to be making new friends. Students summed up their experience by saying ‘I am really enjoying my time at Brentside’ and felt ‘really welcomed into my new form.’ Perhaps the most inspiring quote is from a student in 7S who exclaimed: ‘I am so excited for the future!’.

Year 7 are now in new teaching groups for Art/Technology/Maths, PE and Science, giving them the opportunity to work with students outside their form group. We are delighted than many students are also taking up opportunities to develop a range of skills outside the classroom by joining sports clubs, participating in school production rehearsals and taking on leadership roles within the School Cabinet.

Ms Northcott, a Year 7 tutor and Subject Leader for drama, commented: ‘All my Year 7 classes are developing their group work, supporting each other well, making progress and show curiosity in lessons. It has been encouraging to see students are settling into their new groups, being respectful and supportive of each other and working collaboratively to create and establish relationships with their peers’.

We know Year 7 have made a wonderful start when they tell us: ‘We are really enjoying our time at Brentside!’  Keep up the good work.