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Thanks to all parents/carers who attended the Year 11 parents’ evening. This provided an invaluable opportunity for you to meet online with your child’s subject teachers and discuss your child’s strengths and specific next steps to maximise their progress.

There is still time to make a difference and for your child to progress even further.

We can all play a key role in ensuring your child’s success by:

-using positive language at all times: This is what you have achieved- this is what you can do to make a difference…
-investing time in talking with your child about how they are feeling, identifying any barriers and offering support at a time they may need it most
-ensuring your child has a good routine, sleeps well, has a healthy breakfast and packs their bag in advance with all the equipment they need for learning
-asking your child what they are learning in class and supporting them to create a revision timetable and help them to adhere to this.

Together we can make a difference.