Senior Borough Athletics

On the 29 April 2022, a number of exceptionally talented students were put forward to represent Brentside at the Senior Borough Athletics tournament. All students who attended showed outstanding levels of self-efficacy, sportsmanship and perseverance. This dedication to achieve produced many outstanding results including, but not exclusive to: 

Kian (Year 9) – 1st in the Junior Boy’s 800m. 

Amy (Year 10) – 2nd in both the Intermediate Girl’s 200m and 300m. 

Tyler (Year 9) – 2nd in the Junior Boy’s Javelin. 

Nina (Year 9) – 2nd in the Junior Girl’s Javelin. 

Tianna (Year 8) – 2nd in the Junior Girls 200m. 

Jori (Year 9) – 2nd in the Junior Girls Discus. 

Sam, Ali, Sam and Jakub (Year 10) – 2nd in the Intermediate Boy’s Relay. 

Edward (Year 10) – 3rd in the Intermediate Boy’s Discus. 

Shayden (Year 9) – 3rd in the Junior Boy’s 300m. 

Dominic (Year 9) – 3rd in the Junior Boy’s Triple Jump. 

Other students who attended also performed excellently these included Oskar (Year 10), Elias (Year 10), Judy (Year 10), Asha (Year 8), Shreya (Year 10), Noah (Year 8), Ellis (Year 9), Olivia (Year 8), Maja (Year 8), Mia (Year 9), Jessica (Year 9) and Amelie (Year 9). Overall, the whole school and PE team more specifically would like to thank the students who were involved. We are extremely proud of all our athletes; their hard work and dedication has provided us with several fantastic placings.