School Cabinet Interviews

Students develop skills in leadership, communication and collaboration.

Brentside's School Cabinet (student council) held interviews for new members in November. We were thrilled to see so many enthusiastic candidates from Years 7 through to Year 10 and to hear about their ideas for our school.  Well done to all the successful candidates and a huge thank you to the existing members of the School Cabinet for their hard work throughout the application and interview process. 

Our School Cabinet replaced democracy with a meritocracy some years ago. Now we ensure that all those wanting to join our School Cabinet:

•apply for the role
• include a reference
•complete one-to-one and group interviews
•deliver presentations.

All tasks are assessed against agreed criteria. That way we ensure all Cabinet members are right for the role. Who creates the interview questions, tasks and criteria? Who conducts the interview process?  The students of course! 

All new Cabinet members will be presented with their School Cabinet tie by Ms Hames.  See our next newsletter for details.