House System

Brentside High School’s House System encourages and fosters teamwork, participation and sportsmanship in all areas of school life. The sense of community within each of the houses encourages a feeling of identity and belonging.

The House System clearly reinforces the ethos and spirit of the school, ‘learning and achieving together’.

All students are allocated to one of four houses:





House Organisation

On arrival at Brentside, each student is allocated to a house composed of students from all years and tutor groups. Siblings will be placed in the same houses.  Each house is led by a Head of House from the staff and an elected House Leader from the Sixth Form.

Each year group has a House Leader who represents the views of their year at the House Council Meetings. Their role involves organising teams, engaging others in activities and helping the House Leader.  They are also on hand to offer moral support to the participating members of their team!

House Merits

Students can contribute to their house totals in a number of ways, both in and out of the classroom. House merits are given for outstanding effort and achievement.  These are recorded and individual, tutor group and whole house prizes will be awarded at the end of the year.  House merits are also awarded for excellent attendance.


Everybody is expected to participate in at least one of the varied house events, from creative writing to sports tournaments; there really is something for everyone!

Students can see how their house is performing when half-termly totals are announced in House Assemblies and also in the weekly student bulletin. These points will all add up towards a cumulative house total and, at the end of the year, decide the winning house, which is awarded the House Shield.